AIBS members promote leadership in the biological sciences.

Our community

AIBS works with any stakeholder that advances the field and profession of biology. Organizations and individuals partner with us on initiatives, work with us to identify and communicate matters of common concern, and help connect us to their communities for idea and information exchange—particularly regarding public policy, education, public understanding of science, and matters of professional concern.

We have individual members and member societies and organizations that support our work financially and intellectually.

We also have clients from government agencies to biological societies and other nonprofits that use our expert services for a fee.

What we do

WE INFORM DECISIONS by providing peer-reviewed or vetted information about the biology field and profession.

WE CATALYZE ACTION through building the capacity and the leadership of the community to address matters of common concern.


Today, AIBS works toward specific outcomes through three core activities:

  • Scientific Peer Advisory and Review Services for research proposals and programs sponsored by funding organizations, including the federal government, state agencies, private research foundations, and other non government organizations.
  • Publications and other Communications, including authoritative reports, analyses, and the peer-reviewed journal BioScience as a forum for integrating the life sciences and applying that knowledge to important societal challenges.

Why membership matters

In joining AIBS, you or your organization support our work to inform decisionmaking and catalyze action to address matters of common concern.

Your membership and participation in the AIBS community benefits biology by:

  • strengthening advocacy for funding of basic biological research, preservation and sustained support of natural science collections, biology education, and the best science to inform our nation's decisionmaking.
  • building grassroots initiatives that bolster public and political support of science.
  • catalyzing effort to address the challenges and opportunities that will advance the field as a whole.
  • sustaining the community's ability to work together through coordinated action.
  • supporting those who are working to improve the understanding of biology and the process of science.


We invite you to join as a member and get involved.