About Individual Membership

AIBS members are part of a community of individuals and organizations sharing knowledge and resources to advance research and education in the biological sciences. There are many ways you can support these efforts, membership is a great way to get started.

For individuals, membership is open to professional biologists, students, educators, and people who just love biology. With your membership you will:

  • participate in advocacy opportunities and grassroots campaigns that serve the field in public policy, education, and public understanding of science.
  • opportunities to shape the future of science by participating in meetings and informing decision-makers.
  • receive access to BioScience online (or receive a print subscription with print surcharge of $40).
  • have access to favorable group pricing, specialized coverage, and association discounts on insurance protection offered through the Trust for Insuring Educators (TIE). Plans include:
    • Professional liability Insurance plans
    • GEICO auto, motorcycle, homeowners and renters insurance
    • Term life, accident and disability plans from New York Life
    • ACA compliant health plans; dental, cancer and long-term care insurance
  • receive holiday discounts with companies like Harry and David.

Member organizations work with AIBS to advance the field and profession of biology and bringing its discoveries to a broad audience. Click to read additional information about membership for organizations.

The following are our membership categories and rates for individuals:

Individual: This membership category is open to any individual who is interested in membership in the Institute. Price: $70/year
Family: A family membership is available for individuals living at the same address, who would like to have unique membership profiles in the AIBS community forum. Price: $90/year
Sustaining:A sustaining member of AIBS receives a full regular membership, in addition to becoming a supporting friend of AIBS programs that serve the biology community. Price: $90/year
Emeritus: Emeritus membership is available to a person who has been a Regular, Sustaining, or Family dues-paying member of AIBS for at least ten years and has retired. Price: $50/year
Student: K to Graduate: This membership option is available for active, registered students of any age. Price: $30/year
K-12 Teacher/Administrator:This membership option is available for educators and administrators in K-12 schools. Price: $45/year
Lifetime: Receive membership benefits for the rest of your life following a one-time payment of $1400.

Application process: Membership applications take about ten minutes to complete online. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, or payment offline via personal or business check. If paying by a check, an invoice will be generated at the end of your checkout process that can be printed and mailed to AIBS.

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