Museums and Science Collections

AIBS partners with the Natural Science Collections Alliance to advance science policy and public understanding of the importance of museums and collections in support of its membersí museums and institutions.


Informing Decisions:

  • - NSCA and AIBS partner in the creation and distribution of monthly policy report that focuses on topics and issues that impact the collections community. Read a sample report.
  • NSCA and AIBS jointly developed a series of issue briefs that help to articulate the importance of scientific collections. Read the reports.

Catalyzing Action:

  • NSCA and AIBS worked with other scientific organizations to demonstrate grassroots support for increased funding for the National Science Foundation, an effort that resulted in increased fiscal year 2012 funding for the agency.
  • Nominated, successfully, an individual for service on the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Advisory Committee.


NSCA members enjoy membership in AIBS as well! Learn more about NSCA membership online or send inquiries to