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Over 150 organizations and institutions are members of AIBS, collectively working to advance the field and profession of biology and bringing its discoveries to a broad audience. We invite your organization to become a part of our community.

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Organization types

AIBS partners with member organizations to advance the field and profession of biology. Here are some examples how.


Scholarly Societies/Professional Associations

Scholarly Societies and Professional Associations with organizational membership in AIBS are part of a community that advances biology research, communicates science to inform decision making, advocates for research and education, shares resources and information, supports the profession, and supports biology teaching and learning. More...

Academic Institutions/Departments

AIBS works with national biology education leaders and organizations to develop and promote programs that improve the biology educational experience for all students. Through membership in AIBS, biology departments at academic institutions learn about the resources and dialogs that inform better biology teaching, opportunities for students to engage in public policy and science communication initiatives, and participate in leadership dialogs that will strengthen the field overall. More...


Museums and Science Collections

AIBS partners with the Natural Science Collections Alliance to inform and advocate for policy that protects and serves our nations collections, housed in museums and academic institutions across the country. More...


Other Organizations

AIBS partners with all types of organizations to advance understanding of the biological sciences in public, educational, and policy forums. More...


Dues tiers


Membership dues tiers are as follows:

Membership Organization SizeMember-based organizations use head count of full dues paying members:Non-member based organizations based on annual budget:AIBS dues level:
Small< 1,000 individuals< $1 million$200
Medium1,000-4,999 individuals$1 million - $3 million$350
Large> 4,999 individuals> $3 million$500


JOIN NOW! The membership application takes about fifteen minutes to complete. Payment for the first year's dues will be made at the end of the application process. We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) or an invoice may be generated for remitting with a personal or business check.