Scholarly Societies

Scholarly Societies and Professional Associations


Scholarly societies and professional associations that support life scientists join AIBS to advance the field and profession. Your organizationís membership ensures that you are able to access the resources that will benefit your organization and its members, your organization shows its support for the greater communityís work, and that your organization is invited to conversations about the field and profession.
AIBS works with its member societies to:

Inform Decisions

  • AIBS surveyed biology organizations, predominately scholarly societies, to identify common points of interest among scholarly organizations. Read the report.
  • AIBS surveyed over 4,000 individual biologists and biology students to better understand the community, common concerns, and to help improve the work of all scholarly societies. Read the report.
  • AIBS hosted a cross generational conversation to discuss a range of professional issues that impact scholarly societies. Read the event summary.
  • AIBS facilitated participation of scientific society and education organization representatives to participate in national-level conversations about integrating evolutionary thinking into life science courses.

COMING SOON! AIBS' next investigation is under way now! We are mapping the organizations that advance the field to better understand the roles of these organizations and capacity of the community. To ensure your organizations information is included in the report, and that it has been verified by an appropriate representative, click here.

Catalyze Action:

  • AIBS helps member organizations to provide scientific information to policymakers. In 2011, AIBS worked with members to organize three science policy briefings for decision-makers.
  • Over the years, AIBS has repeatedly and successfully defended peer review and the biological sciences from political attacks.
  • AIBS brought together representatives from organizations to discuss the role of scientific societies in improving undergraduate introductory biology.
  • AIBS hosted a discussion of issues of interest to scholarly organizations at our yearly Council Meeting which takes place in December in Washington, DC.


If your organization values programs and information such as these, apply now to become an AIBS member, or donate to become a sponsor of AIBS's community programs.